Stories by Paul Meller

IT to make up 15 per cent of the EU's GDP

Information and communication technologies contribute 15 per cent of the European Union's gross domestic product, the European Commission said in its semi-annual economic forecasts published Wednesday.

EC Gives MS More Time on Market Power Inquiry

The European Commission has granted Microsoft an extension to its deadline for a response to charges that it has abused its dominant position to take control of the server software market, a spokeswoman for the Commission said Wednesday.

EC Gives AOL-Time Warner Merger Go-Ahead

The European Commission said Wednesday it has given its conditional approval to the merger of America Online with Time Warner, after a four month in-depth probe into the deal.

EU Says Yes to DVD Manufacturers' Patent Pool

BRUSSELS (10/09/2000) - The European Commission has approved an agreement by some of the developers of DVD (digital versatile disc) technology to pool their patents, it said Monday.

EU Reconsiders Stance on EMI Warner Deal

The European Commission confirmed Wednesday it is calling back national competition regulators for a meeting to discuss new concessions from Warner Brothers Music and EMI in their bid to get approval for their planned joint venture.

EC Conditions on Time Warner/AOL Deal Expected

The European Commission insists the outcome isn't certain, but most onlookers now expect it to approve the $US183 billion merger of America Online and Time Warner at the expense of Warner Music's planned $US20 billion joint venture with EMI Group PLC.