Stories by Paul Meller

Euro Parliament warns citizens on Echelon spy network

A global telephone-tapping service dubbed Echelon has been intercepting messages and conversations since 1978, according to the testimony of Margaret Newsham, a former U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) software and systems programmer.

EU sees IPv6 adoption as crucial to 3G success

The European Commission said Friday that a quick adoption of IP version 6 (IPv6) is crucial to the successful launch of third-generation (3G) mobile phones in Europe, due to start in June next year.

EU denies internal split on 3G network sharing

The European Commission denied Thursday that it is split on the question of whether to allow network sharing on the beleaguered 3G (third generation) mobile phone networks due to open up in June of next year.

EU accused of subterfuge in e-commerce law-making

The European Commission has opened itself up to criticism from consumers and industry alike over its handling of a proposed law governing cross-border online disputes within the 15-nation European Union.

MS agrees not to influence Euro cable techs

The European Commission said Wednesday it is closing its investigation into Microsoft Corp.'s influence on the digital cable operator market in Europe, after the company agreed to scrap its so-called technology boards.

Council of Europe on course with cyber-crime treaty

An over-invasive, unclear treaty on cyber-crime prevention with transatlantic impact is on course for ratification by the 41-member Council of Europe, warned the European association of Internet service providers, EuroISPA, Thursday.

EU on course to rule in Microsoft probe

The European Commission has given its strongest indication yet that it plans to punish Microsoft for abusing its dominant position in the operating systems software market in Europe.

Forty percent of Europeans have Net access

The number of European households connected to the Internet increased by 55 percent between March and October of last year and Europe now has more users than the US, the European Commission said Wednesday.

Webwasher filters out new big Web ads

German net filtering company AG has released a new version of its software for the Linux and Windows operating systems that can filter out all of the new, larger Web site ads that were launched last month.

EU sings to big music's copyright tune

Making a song and dance of it won the music industry almost exactly what it wanted from a vote on European copyright law taken in Strasbourg Wednesday.

European Parliament votes on Internet copyright

The European Parliament on Wednesday voted in favor of allowing people to copy digital content, such as music and films on CDs or from the Internet, as long as the copying is not for commercial purposes.

EU Postpones Decision on Online Taxation

European Union finance ministers shelved plans to introduce value added tax on online transactions, setting themselves a deadline of the end of June next year by which to reach a decision.