Stories by Paul Meller

EU conditionally approves Telia buy of Sonera

The European Commission granted Swedish telecommunication company Telia AB conditional clearance to buy its Finnish rival Sonera Corp. on Wednesday, marking the first European Union competition ruling on a merger of two former state-owned telephone carriers.

EU receives complaints over telecom competition

Five of Europe's large telecommunication companies have written to the European Commissioner for Competition, Mario Monti, complaining about "methodological anti-competitive behavior" by former telecommunication monopolies in the market for local telecommunication services in Europe.

EU examines MS .Net Passport for privacy issues

European data protection authorities concluded this week that Microsoft Corp.'s .Net Passport online authentication system does risk breaching European Union privacy laws, and said that they would continue to study issues raised by the service. E.U. officials did not say that a formal investigation would be launched, however.

EU officials downplay music-player concerns

European data protection watchdogs have played down reports that they might add music-playing software to a list of PC devices they fear breach E.U. data protection laws.

EU to rule on .Net privacy issues on July 1

Data protection officials from the 15 European Union (EU) countries will meet next month with the European Commission to decide whether to open a formal investigation of Microsoft Corp.'s .Net Passport authentication system.

EU law on data retention sparks condemnation

Bowing to a hawkish mood that has gripped European policy makers since September 11, the European Parliament Thursday voted in a new European Union data protection law that civil liberty campaigners and industry representatives condemn.

Euro Parliament data retention vote upsets ISPs, telcos

The European Parliament is expected to back a controversial new law on data protection in a vote on Thursday, amid fierce opposition from telecommunications companies, ISPs (Internet service providers) and civil rights groups.

EU's Galileo location service gets funding through 2005

Galileo, Europe's equivalent of the U.S. GPS (Global Positioning System) satellite network was given the go-ahead Tuesday after European telecommunication ministers agreed to inject €450 million (US$395 million) into the project.

EU to move on taxing online sales

European finance ministers agreed Tuesday on a regime for collecting value-added tax (VAT) on online sales of digital products such as computer software, and services such as internet pay-TV to end consumers.

EC to clear Intel in antitrust inquiry, source says

The European Commission will drop its antitrust probe of Intel, after concluding that complaints it received toward the end of 2000 from two rivals proved groundless, said a source close to the inquiry Friday.

HP/COMPAQ: EC clears HP acquisition of Compaq

The European Commission Thursday approved the planned acquisition of Compaq Computer by Hewlett -Packard, removing one of many hurdles that stand in the way of the deal. The Commission said that competitive forces in the concerned markets show that the merged entity would "not be in a position to increase prices" and that consumers would continue to benefit from sufficient choice and innovation.