Stories by Jennifer Jones and Cathleen Moore

DSL gets down and dirty

Although demand for broadband is at an all-time high, last week saw further evidence that the DSL marketplace is in crisis when Covad Communications Co. shut off service to two ISPs late in paying their bills.

Juniper Router Speeds Traffic Between Hubs

Internet backbone carriers UUNet Technologies Inc. and Cable & Wireless PLC this week jumped at the chance to tout supercharged OC192c or 10Gbps speeds between major hubs.

Telcos Pitch Voice/Data Convergence

With business seeking to cash in on the promise of drastically lower costs associated with making voice calls via data networks, old-line telecom giants are pushing into the converged voice/data field.

Merger Partners Bring Wireless Home

Sprint expects to announce this week that it has completed a series of acquisitions that form the cornerstone of its plan to provide broadband services directly to homes and businesses with MCI WorldCom.

Vendors Ready Wares as Outsourcing Trend Grows

CORPORATE ENTERPRISES now have an increased appetite for network outsourcing -- a trend expected to play out in new products and services being launched this week at the ComNet 2000 conference, in Washington.