Stories by Paul Kallender

NTT advances quantum crypto key distribution

In what could be a step forward in the development of quantum cryptography systems, a Japanese laboratory has demonstrated that it can send quantum keys through an optical switch designed for normal optical communications.

NEC develops speedy 3G-WLAN handover tech

NEC is developing a technology that allows users to flip back and forth between wireless LAN and mobile phone networks even when they are moving at race car speeds, the company said Tuesday.

Mobile phone fuel cells coming in 2007

A fuel cell technology that will offer a quick fix for dead or dying mobile phone batteries looks as if its going to be available for millions of people for the first time in the world in Japan in 2007, Japan's two biggest mobile communications carriers said Wednesday at the Wireless Japan 2005 Expo.

PalmOne officially becomes Palm

PalmOne became Palm, Thursday. The PDA maker has also changed its logo to a new design that will appear on products later in the year.

Virus scanner bug cost Trend $10.7 million

Tokyo-based anti-virus software vendor Trend Micro said that a bug in its own software that affected thousands of customers has cost the company YEN 903 million (AU$10.7 million). The issue has also forced it to lower its revenue and profit forecasts for the April to June quarter, the company said Thursday.

New Japanese operator plans WiMax network

A new Japanese telecommunications carrier plans to launch a national wireless network by the end of 2006 that will offer voice and data services using the emerging WiMax network technology combined with city-based WLANs (wireless LANs), a company backing the carrier said on Wednesday.

One fifth of Japanese businesses using open source OS

The use of open-source operating systems in enterprise servers is growing in Japan, with companies citing low introduction costs as the main factor for adoption, according to a recent report by the Japanese government.

US court grants AMD document retention request

The US District Court for the District of Delaware has granted a request by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) that documents be preserved for use as evidence as the company pursues its antitrust litigation against Intel, AMD said Monday.

Gates warns against reliance on outsourcing

Companies should not outsource their core business functions and staff, Microsoft Chairman and Chief Software Architect Bill Gates told a group of Japan's top business people yesterday.

NEC to extend EAC-1 cable to mainland China

NEC will lay a 350-kilometer fiber optic submarine cable for China Network Communications Group (China Netcom), China's second-largest fixed-line telecommunications carrier, to boost the operator's capacity in time for the 2008 Olympics, NEC announced Wednesday.

NTT DoCoMo hits 1Gbps in 4G field trials

NTT DoCoMo, Japan's biggest mobile communications carrier, has successfully tested 1G-bps (bits per second) transmission speeds using 4G (fourth-generation) technology in outdoor experiments, taking 4G a step nearer to use in mobile phones, the company said Friday.

Seagate preps hard-disk encryption technology

Seagate Technology will start shipping next year a security technology for some of its hard-disk drives that will make life more difficult for notebook PC thieves to read stolen data, it said Tuesday.

Miracle Linux president sees more growth ahead

Two years ago, Japanese Linux server operating system developer Miracle Linux decided it needed to better promote its local Linux distribution. It developed two aims, according to Miracle's president, Takeshi Sato.

Yahoo buys VOIP service company Dialpad

Yahoo has bought VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) service provider Dialpad Communications to use its technology in Yahoo's VOIP services, Dailpad said Tuesday.