Stories by Meridith Levinson

Education: Sitting on Top of the World

In their spare time they code Oracle Corp. database applications and build websites. They've been surfing the web since there was a web. They're as comfortable with technology as Michael Jordan is with a basketball.

Reality Bytes: A Cold Look at Hot Trends

Why did it take the web to make privacy, the inalienable right sanctified by the Fourth Amendment, a national issue? Why are people suddenly so concerned about safeguarding their personal information from companies that pay the highest bidder for it? Several factors have converged to cause this uproar and inspire contempt among consumers for businesses that engage in this controversial practice. But the real issue concerns the way the web forces consumers to reevaluate the notion of privacy. As a result of this raised awareness, CIOs must be more proactive in addressing this issue. They are in the best position to address consumers' privacy concerns because they decide which technologies to implement in pursuit of business goals. It's time for CIOs to think beyond the business value of technology and consider the effect of their technology decisions on privacy. If they don't, they could find that their companies are systematically eroding a constitutional right, all to make a buck.

Organizational Models: Harley-Davidson

Notorious for its deep growl, the V-twin engine is what gives the legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycle its kick. But it's more than that guttural sound (think "Leader of the Pack" by the Shangri Las) that makes a bike a Harley. It's the "ape-hanger" handlebars, the swashbuckling black-and-chrome styling and the low, king-of-the-road seat that define the hog. It's everything that says freedom from the everyday.

Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

YOU CAN'T ANSWER QUESTIONS about your company's future with a Magic 8 Ball, but with scenario planning you can devise strategies based on what you can discern about the future. Read this story to learn how scenario planning can * Help you manage risk * Make you aware of the factors influencing your decisions * Provide you and your colleagues with a common vocabulary for discussing strategies