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Blog: Six job interview questions to identify change agents and innovators

When I reported my story on job interview questions, I spoke with Amanda Hite, founder and president of recruiting and HR consulting firm Talent Revolution. A woman who goes by "Sexy Thinker" on Twitter has to have some unusual job interview questions up her sleeve, and Hite didn't disappoint me.

Blog: How your baboon of a boss is killing you

Why is your boss like a baboon? Research shows that whether human or baboon, your social or professional rank—your place on the torment or be tormented scale—influences your level of stress and your health, for better or for worse.

Job Search Success: Planning and a Positive Attitude

From social networking websites and online job boards to career coaches and job search software, job seekers have more tools at their disposal than ever to help them find work. But the most important assets for today's job seeker are a positive attitude and the ability to develop and execute a job search plan, according to a new study from the University of Missouri.

Extreme makeover: IT job seekers may need appearance upgrade

IT professionals turn to résumé writers when they need help fashioning a CV that will prompt employers to call them for job interviews. But their résumés may not be the only thing that needs a makeover. If they're going on interviews but not getting any job offers, their appearance may need polishing, too. That's the conclusion of a recent survey of 514 HR professionals.

CIOs' job satisfaction increases despite recession

Despite having to cope with massive budget cuts, salary freezes and demoralized staffs, most employed IT executives are more satisfied with their jobs this year than they have been in previous years, according to the results of a job satisfaction survey conducted by ExecuNet.

HR Pros: Networking, Social Networking Best Job Search Tools

Forget job fairs and spamming potential employers with your resume. If you're looking for a new job, networking should be your primary job search strategy, according to the results of a recent survey conducted by Challenger, Gray and Christmas.

How job seekers can assess an employer's office culture

With job opportunities so scarce these days, job seekers are under tremendous pressure to impress hiring managers during job interviews. In fact, they're so caught up in making a good impression that it's easy for job seekers to forget that the job interview remains their opportunity to assess a prospective employer's corporate culture and to determine whether that work environment will suit them, says Vanessa Hall, author of The Truth About Trust in Business.

Job search tips: addressing job hopping on a resume

Call it "The Job Hopper's Dilemma." It's the fear, uncertainty and doubt that overcomes IT professionals who've held multiple jobs during a short span of time when they need to apply for a new job. They worry that their job hopping will hamper their job searches, but they don't know how to mitigate the issue.

IT job seekers: Can you answer 12 gotcha questions?

There's a dozen interview questions that fluster IT job seekers at all career levels. Give a surprised or weak answer to any of them, and red flags fly. Hiring managers may conclude that a candidate is ill-prepared, and thus the job seeker can look forward to more months of firing off résumés in the worst job market in years.

Job seekers: get ready for the 'character' interview

As laid-off executives flood the labor pool, some employers are seizing the opportunity to "upgrade" their management teams, say executive recruiters. In this job market, employers realize they might be able to recruit more experienced leaders -- possibly at lower salaries -- now than in the past.

Market for Executive Jobs Loosens Up in April

ExecuNet's Recruiter Confidence Index ticked slightly higher in April, 2009, indicating that the market for executive jobs is showing signs of growth after bottoming out in November, 2008.

Where Personal Finance and Career Management Meet

Good financial management can help you pursue a more meaningful career and can ultimately liberate you from the rat race. Personal finance expert Robert Kiyosaki explains how to get your money working for you -- instead of working for your money. His message is empowering and inspiring at a time when everyone seems to be struggling with the financial crisis.