Stories by Meridith Levinson

IT Career Burnout: What To Do When the Thrill is Gone

Burnout is as predictable in an IT professional's career as the long hours that precipitate it. The demanding nature of IT jobs, coupled with a perceived lack of respect and appreciation, leads many IT professionals to lament, à la blues great B.B. King, that "the thrill is gone." Many eventually wonder whether a career in IT is still the right choice.

To Achieve Innovation from IT Outsourcing, Shake Things Up

IT departments say they want innovation from their outsourcing vendors, and the vendors say they want to provide it. So <a href="">why is innovation in outsourcing so rare</a>?

Tech visionaries and LSD: Turn on, tune in, geek out

Silicon Valley's rise as the hub of the technology industry in the 1960s coincided with LSD's explosion on the cultural scene. Within a few miles of Stanford Research Center (SRI), where Douglas Englebart was envisioning the personal computer as a mechanism to "augment human intelligence," three organizations were then legally administering LSD to guinea pigs.

The New Normal for Employment: A Con Job

The New Normal. I'm sure you've heard this expression. It's used by many people to describe the way the recession has changed American life and business. There's a new normal for consumer spending, a new normal for IT operations, and not surprisingly, a new normal for employment.

Why project management certifications matter

The value of project management certifications is hotly debated among IT professionals. investigates whether certifications make better project managers and whether projects staffed by certified project managers are more successful than projects without PMPs.

IT Contracting: How to Get Started on Elance, oDesk

Nathan Wenneker joined Elance, an online freelance marketplace, in August 2008 because he wanted to become a self-employed IT contractor. The web application developer had no interest in a traditional full-time IT job; he wanted control over when he worked, how much he worked and the kind of work he did.

IT Outsourcing: Legal Mistakes That Can Cost You Big

Good legal counsel can be worth every penny when putting together an outsourcing deal. But those legal fees can add up quickly if you're not careful. Worse yet, some common mistakes customers make when working with an outsourcing attorney can prove costly not only during contracting and negotiations but over the life of the deal.

Blog: The bad job - do you stay or do you go ASAP?

Approximately one in four IT professionals are unhappy with their compensation, according to Computerworld's 2009 Salary Survey. Dissatisfaction with their earnings is the leading reason IT professionals polled by Computerworld would consider taking a new job.

Recruiting Software: Ways Job Seekers Can Beat the System

Ever since the Internet made applying for a job as easy as uploading or e-mailing a resume, hiring managers and HR personnel have had to contend with volumes of applicants for jobs. To help them screen all the resumes, they've turned to recruiting software and applicant tracking systems that filter candidates' resumes based on how well they match the job description. In fact, by 2004, 90 percent of the top 500 U.S. employers were using recruiting software, according to Human Resources Leader.