Stories by Terry Lefton

MLB pitches the pay model

The two biggest questions in the Internet industry are "When are people going to buy Web advertising again?" and "Will people ever pay for Web content the way they have been accustomed to paying for magazine and newspaper content for years?"

You can't zap these ads

It was a bad night for Ogakor. in the fifth episode of this year's CBS TV phenomenon Survivor: The Australian Outback, the remaining members of the hapless "tribe" stranded in the Australian outback competed to win a crate full of luxuries like toilet paper, blankets, spices, shampoo and toothpaste. But Ogakor lost out to rival tribe Kucha. "I am getting very frustrated," said Ogakor member Colby Donaldson. "If we don't turn up the heat and turn this runaway train around, there may be a meltdown for the Colbster."
So, while the metaphor-happy Colbster was off under a eucalyptus tree bumming, Kucha was celebrating. Its members descended on the box of goodies. Painted on the crate was a huge red bull's-eye, the unmistakable logo of one of the show's main sponsors, Target (TGT) .

Quokka sells most of its college-athletics assets

Struggling sports content site Quokka Sports Inc. has agreed to sell a majority of its college athletics business to zUniversity Inc., a collegiate marketing and Web site development firm, said sources familiar with both companies.