Stories by Mark Tebbe

Guest column: Lucent acquisition enables voice-data merger

On the surface, Lucent Technologies' acquisition of Ascend Communications last week looks to be merely a shot at Cisco Systems' dominant position in the industry, one that should be of importance only to ISPs and telephone companies. But after you look at the resulting possibilities and general industry trends, you will begin to see that this acquisition is just the latest development in a quickly consolidating marketplace. And though corporations won't be a direct customer of this development yet, it will cause them to reconsider the importance of bandwidth.

Netscape embraces freeware

Talk about suicidal: Netscape Communications decides to one-up Microsoft by releasing the client-side code for the Navigator browser and all the Communicator applications.
Now, in addition to all the other incompatibilities and conflicts IT managers face, get ready for a splintered Navigator browser environment. My recommendation? Avoid like the plague any browser based on Navigator source code.