Stories by David Pescovitz

Gadget: The Better Mousetrap, er, Pad is in the business of building better mousetraps - er, mousepads. Numerous companies have introduced keyboards with programmable Web keys. The Mysmart.pad brings the hotkeys onto a mousepad.

Undercover Agents

Imagine running into Kmart to pick up a snow shovel the night before what's expected to be the winter's worst blizzard. On your way in, a security guard steps in front of you and thrusts a clipboard into your hand. Before you can go any farther, you must write down your name, address, age, income bracket and how many kids you have. Only then can you buy your shovel.

Gadget: Intellimouse

The computer mouse is an underdeveloped animal. Little bits of lint, food, dust and other unidentifiable substances, known not so affectionately as "mouse droppings,"constantly gum up the rolling ball that talks to your cursor. Most mice also contribute to the widespread digital-age disease, repetitive strain injury. Recently, a new model has emerged from a hole in the wall called Microsoft Corp.

Product review: Gadget: Jornada 680

So far, the Palm handheld has hit the PDA market right on the money. But beyond personal-information-manager (PIM) functionality, it's a stretch for pen-based computers to rise to traditional laptop tasks like lengthy memo composition and on-the-go e-mailing. Luckily for typewriter-loving types, there's the Jornada 680, a handheld PC that's a scaled-down sister to HP's Jupiter-class Jornada 820.