Stories by Geoffrey P. Ramos

Sun CEO aims to create a larger open-source community

Scott McNealy, chairman and chief executive officer of Sun Microsystems made a visit to Asia this week and announced the company's new Opteron-based servers as well as outlined their strategy for 'monetizing' the large communities created around open source and Java technology.

IDC: Linux not yet ready for mass market

Linux, the open-source operating system, may be gaining a lot of ground in the enterprise space, but Windows will likely continue to dominate consumer desktops at least in the near future.

Microsoft talks tough against open source

A top official of Microsoft last week claimed that governments that support open source software are not helping build a viable software ecosystem in their communities.

Philippines' DFNN Readies IPO, Plans Net Kiosks

How much is Diversified Financial Network Inc. (DFNN) actually worth? That is the question that will be answered as the company heads into its initial public offering (IPO), after obtaining clearances last week from the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Lucent to Focus on Service Providers

In the face of the fast-changing and explosive telecommunications industry, Lucent Technologies is shedding some of its traditional businesses to concentrate solely on the mobile, Internet and broadband optical markets.

Philippines Strives for Universal Phone Access

MANILA (09/08/2000) - After five years of deregulation in the local telecommunications industry, most Filipinos still don't have basic access to telecommunication services, and the dream of giving universal access to the masses remains largely unfulfilled.

PLDT Forms Internet Holding Company

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) early this month announced the formation of ePLDT, a holding company that will manage PLDT's investments in the Internet, e-commerce and multimedia businesses.

E-Store to Sell HP Gear Online in Philippines

E-Store, one of the country's earliest Internet retailers, has signed an agreement with Hewlett-Packard Philippines to become HP's first official local e-channel or online reseller.

Philippines E-Commerce Law Raises New Issues

The Philippines' new E-Commerce Act has resolved many issues that were preventing e-commerce from fully developing in the country. Additional legislation, however, may still be needed to resolve other unsettled issues, said Jesus Disini, the lead lawyer who helped draft the implementing rules and regulations of the new law.

Online Procurement Promises Savings

The Philippine government is studying a proposal to build an online bidding system that could save government some 1 billion pesos (US$22 million) in the procurement of office supplies.

Virus Threat Found on Love Bug Suspect's Disks

Confiscated diskettes from the house of Onel De Guzman, the 23-year-old suspect in the "Love Bug" computer virus case, uncovered an earlier virus allegedly written by his college buddy, Michael Buen.

Love Bug suspect denies involvement

Michael Buen, the former AMA Computer College (AMACC) student suspected of writing the "Love Bug" virus with his college buddy, this weekend denied having any involvement in the creation of the virus.

Ten Students Targeted in 'Love Bug' Virus Probe

Philippines authorities are investigating a bank employee and his alleged live-in partner as well as 10 students of the AMA Computer College (AMACC) for possibly spreading the devastating "I Love You" virus that caused billions of dollars in damage to computer systems worldwide.