Stories by Chee Sing Chan

EMSD tackles system overhaul

<b>Challenge:</b> Need to improve data flow and service levels by replacing aging legacy systems which had been in use for 12 years

IBM's new hybrid database pleases testers

IBM has recently unveiled its latest database enhancement with DB2 9 which features native XML support, higher data compression capabilities and automated management functions. According to the company, the developments in DB2 9 represent the company's most significant database technology enhancements in two decades.

Competing through analytics

Business intelligence is defined in many different ways. In most cases today, it takes the form of either basic reporting or data analysis via the use of online analytical processing (OLAP) tools. Such tools are essential in gathering a consolidated view of the business, but in some cases they serve only a backward looking role, providing the cause and effect on any given business situation or strategy.

Caught in the crosshairs

Security experts say that the mass-mailing threats of the past are becoming fewer as awareness is now more widespread. But don't relax your guard. Criminals are shifting to targeted means to extract assets from known and designated sources, and you could well be in their crosshairs.

Marching to the beat of SOA

"Java or .Net?" was the question that seemed to dominate the initial coming of Web services. Ask most organizations that same question today and the likely response will be a quizzical look.

Don't rule out tape, experts say

Traditional vendors of tape-based storage have no fear from disk-based systems usurping the role of primary backup and data archiving medium, say experts.

VoIP turns out to be a 'brainer'

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has long been touted by vendors who hail converged networks that run both voice and data traffic. But are the purported benefits -- cheaper long distance calls, simpler network management and new applications -- easily achievable?

SMEs missing out on m-commerce benefits

Mobile commerce applications have the potential to offer both time and cost savings to Hong Kong's struggling small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), but few companies appear to be exploring these options.

China looks to ERP for fast-track change

While enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications were last year's "big thing" in the North American and European markets, Asia is still catching up and showing strong interest in deploying the software, according to analysts and executives from ERP vendor SAP AG.