Stories by Renai LeMay

Westpac chooses Fiserv for online transformation

Top-tier Australian bank Westpac has chosen Fiserv’s online individual, business banking and corporate services for it’s online transformation program, where the bank aims to update the online services currently available to its customers.

Case for opt-out NBN accelerates

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy appears to have backed a so-called 'opt-out' model for the National Broadband Network (NBN) where Australians would be required to choose not to have fibre internet connected to their premises, as opposed to the current model where they must opt-in.

Tech23 finalists revealed

On 19 August, 23 young and innovative Australian companies will have the chance to present their products and services to a Sydney audience of IT industry leaders, successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

VHA releases iPhone 4 pricing

Mobile telco VHA has released its iPhone 4 pricing for its Vodafone and 3 brands. The news follows a raft of similar announcements on how and at what price Apple’s latest handset will launch in Australia late on Thursday night.

auDA re-inserts cork in Bolton’s Bottle

Australia’s domain name regulator has once again terminated the Australian accreditation of domain name registrar Bottle Domains — which is owned by flambuoyant entrepreneur Nicholas Bolton.

Updated: Telcos, Apple release Aussie iPhone 4 pricing

Telstra, Optus and Apple itself have released their respective local pricing details for the iPhone 4, with the big T also confirming it would open its stores around Australia at midnight on Thursday night to give full access to customers keen to pick up the hyped Apple handset as soon as possible.

AMP chooses CSC to move into the cloud

CSC's heavy push into cloud computing services earlier this year has already paid off, with financial services group AMP this morning revealing it had selected the IT services giant to host its Microsoft-based email and collaboration needs.

Only 11 per cent of BitTorrent use is legitimate: Study

The University of Ballarat has published a research paper claiming 89 per cent of BitTorrent files it studied during a certain period were confirmed to infringe copyright, a result immediately hailed by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft as a victory in its war against file sharing.

Abbott's ICT cuts "senseless": Conroy

Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has described Opposition Leader Tony Abbott as "reckless" and election promises to save millions by dropping a training fund for Telstra employees and other sections of NBN Co's deal with Telstra as "senseless cuts".

Head of Westpac IT sourcing off to NBN Co

The wholesale company behind the National Broadband Network (NBN), NBN Co, has scored another hiring coup, nicking senior talent from Westpac to bulk out its skills in dealing with technology vendors.

Finance seeks whole-of-government printing

The Federal Department of Finance and Deregulation has gone to market for multi-function devices such as printers and faxes, in a purchasing initiative which will cover the majority of the Federal public sector.

Critics attack government declaration of open government

The Federal Government's use of its fledgling blog to publish its declaration of open government last week has stimulated a vigorous debate about the initiative -- with some commenters offering their congratulations, and others condemnation over what they see as the contrasting mandatory internet filtering initiative.

Pirate Party can’t contest Federal election

The Australian wing of the libertarian digital rights group the Pirate Party has had to abandon its stated aim of contesting the imminent Federal Election due to election regulations.