Stories by Susan P. Butler

Stay on the Right Side of Copyright Laws

Let's face it: we can't all compose beautiful music, draw stunning illustrations, and make professional movies. Yet you may want to put together a project that includes these art forms and more -- for instance, a Web site that plays music in the background, contains eye-catching GIFs on each page, and plays Flash animations on your navigation buttons. Rather than doing all of the artwork yourself, you may need to use someone else's creations to bring your project to fruition. The question is, How can you use the work legally and fairly?

Put Your Work Under Lock and Key

You've sweated over your creations, investing time and energy in them. Then someone comes along and rips them off. Your effort is disregarded, and your reputation as an artist-and your income-may even be threatened. You can defend yourself if you're aware of your rights. You need to understand copyright law.