Stories by Beverley Head

Coles Execs on the Record

The Coles takeover triggered an unprecedented public discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of its IT capabilities

Coles CEO Defends CIO and IT Team

In June, Coles Chief Executive John Fletcher went to bat for his CIO and the company's IT team via a letter to the editor after a comment piece appeared in The Australian Financial Review, which mooted that due diligence briefings had revealed "allegations of IT cost overruns and implementation delays which are said to be threatening the transformation of Coles' supply chain . . ." In a timely interview, Fletcher talks with CIO magazine's Beverley Head about the company's IT and his take on the controversy that arose during the takeover.

Beneath the Coles Kimono: The Spotlight on IT Transformation

By the time the board of retailing giant Coles Group recommended Wesfarmers' $21.9 billion takeover bid this week, the company had been in play for over a year. During that time its executives had to steer a steady course; maintaining shareholder value and positioning the business for future growth - setting to one side the knowledge that everything being done today could be unravelled tomorrow by a new owner.

Coles CIO: The Greatest Challenges Aren't Technical

The relationship is much more sophisticated these days, throughout the corporate world. In Coles, technology requirements are defined by the business and IT working together, based on the business's strategic objectives.

The Benefits of Accessibility

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, one in five Australians is disabled in some way, and with an ageing population the figure is likely to rise.

Work/Life Imbalance

Seals don't balance balls on their noses for fun; they do it for fish. People don't try to achieve work/life balance for fun; they do it to survive.

Where's the Off Switch?

Slack-jawed I watched the mother of the groom, seated on the top table, whip out her mobile phone to call a relative at the back of the function centre and chat during the festivities. Admittedly it was a big wedding with guests numbering in the hundreds, but this was a new paradigm at work.

IT Must Change Course on Environment

Australia's newspapers are gorging on advertisements flogging special Vista deals. Local computer retailers want a slice of the action promised by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, who at the US launch of Vista said "The installed base of PCs is about a billion. To ship a billion upgrades and new machines is not going to be one year and it's not going to be five. It's probably something in between."

Getting Personal

Privacy has often been cast as the victim of the information age. New legislation that comes into force in December aims to change that.