Stories by Sasha Nimmo

Maxamine moves offshore to woo customers

Despite the worldwide glut of technology start-ups, Adelaide-based Maxamine is taking its recent $2 million injection of funds offshore. The move is a bid to attract IT professionals seeking to monitor Web traffic, knowledge management and various bottlenecks across business processes. And its first stop is the US.

Telstra under fire for delaying ADSL uptake

Telstra is exploiting its domination of the local telecommunications market to thwart the widespread adoption of ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) technology in Australia and protect its lucrative voice communication businesses, according to several industry experts.

Contractors deliver mixed blessings to IT depts

Three quarters of IT professionals questioned in a Computerworld spot survey claim they have no difficulty managing internal staff and contract staff concurrently. But for some it can be a nightmare.