Stories by Robin Robinson

SCO Welcomes Linux Competition

The Santa Cruz Operation's UnixWare 7 is the operating system that's squeezed between Microsoft Corp.'s Windows 2000 and Linux on the low end and Sun Microsystems Inc., IBM Corp. and Hewlett-Packard Co. on the high end. The latest systems figures from International Data Corp. (IDC) in Framingham, Mass., show that SCO's market share is shrinking as Microsoft and Linux make headway in servers used for departments, file-and-print applications and e-mail. Computerworld interviewed SCO President Doug Michels and Mike Orr, senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

CRM Automation Still an Ongoing Process

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategies have been around since the first bazaar, but products designed to automate CRM efforts are among today's hottest new computer applications. Companies are rushing to automate and better manage all the ways they deal with customers, including people who might not consider themselves customers yet.

In-Memory Databases Turbocharge Access

In-memory databases have been around for years, but they're gaining greater attention as large vendors like Microsoft Corp. promise to deliver products to market.

Tracking Stocks

A tracking stock is created by a company that wants a separate market valuation for a business unit whose operations are somehow separate from the main company's core business. Typically, the tracking stock is in a growth industry, such as an e-commerce unit spun off from a traditional company. The parent company continues to control the assets of the business unit, while benefiting from investors' heightened interest in the tracking stock's industry and expected growth.

Vendors Scramble in a Fractured CRM Market

Customer relationship management (CRM) may refer to a company's integrated approach in presenting itself to its customers, but there's nothing integrated about the current state of the field.

Dot-coms Appear Happy With Oracle8i

Customers seeking to build a robust presence on the Web report that they're pleased with several of the speed-boosting features of Oracle Corp.'s 8i database.

Taking Stock

Of the nearly 40 tracking stocks announced since 1984, all but five remain tracking stocks, reflecting their parent corporations' expectations that they may have more potential on Wall Street than the parent company's.

IBM Sues Informix on Patents

IBM has filed a lawsuit against Informix Corp. claiming the Menlo Park, Calif., company infringed on six IBM patents related to database software, distributed processing and data compression technologies.

Impact Analysis Tool Tracks Code Changes

For Jennifer Hurd's group at Horizon Management Group LLC in Boston, looking at the potential impact of code changes created a map between the group's database and application that looked like a fireworks display.

Andersen Formalizes Pitch to Dot-coms

Andersen Consulting Inc. is formalizing a consulting-for-equity arrangement it began offering dot-coms two years ago, the company announced yesterday.

SCO Web Server To Run On Linux

SCO's Tarantella Web server will be configured for the Linux operating system but won't be available under Linux' Gnu Public License, the company announced yesterday at LinuxWorld.

SAS to Tighten Ties to IBM's DB2 Database

SAS Institute Inc. and IBM announced a three-year deal to jointly develop business intelligence software more tightly integrated with IBM's DB2 database and hardware.

Siebel Buys Paragren, Helps Bell Canada

Bell Canada received a bit of good news last week when it learned that it won't have to take on the task of integrating its sales force automation and marketing-campaign management applications next year.