Stories by John Parker

IT, workers can't cling to the past

I recently attended a meeting that stayed on my mind for quite a while. It's clear that as my company changes to meet the future, it creates uncertainty about IT jobs. This uncertainty makes career planning difficult for our technology professionals, and some frontline IT people had asked for help sorting it all out.

So You Want to Be a CIO

An IT director at a small home health care organization recently asked me about how best to achieve his goal of becoming a CIO. The organization was "getting over a downsizing," and he was planning on leaving to pursue his career. I've been giving the question some thought, and here's how I see it.
There is no formula for becoming a CIO. To land the job, four things must happen. There has to be opportunity (that is, an open position), you must be in the candidate pool, you must distinguish yourself from other candidates, and you must be willing to take the job.