Stories by Katherine Spencer Lee

6 Tips for Reinvigorating a Boring Job

If you're not ready to find a new job, try reviving the one that went stale. You'll gain a clearer sense of what inspires you to do your best work, as well as the conditions that drain you

Take control of your online image

The rise of online networking sites has made it easier to connect with colleagues and learn about job openings. It's also part of a much larger trend in which more information about you may be available to anyone who's interested -- including hiring managers, who often perform Internet searches on job candidates.

5 ways to make your company Gen Y-friendly

Facing a potential onslaught of baby boomer retirements and a smaller pool of Generation X employees to replace them, IT managers who want to create or sustain a Best Place to Work environment will need the additional help of another group of professionals: Generation Y. Also known as Millennials, this group consists of nearly 80 million individuals born roughly between 1979 and 1999. They are the workforce of the future.

Jump-starting a stalled job search

If you've been looking for a job for a while, there's a good chance you re frustrated with your inability to find one. The longer you're on the hunt, the less likely it seems that you'll ever be employed, especially given today's uncertain economic climate.

Communicating with your boss: Tips for Generation Y

Like every generation, Gen Y is subject to its share of myths and stereotypes as it enters the IT workforce. Sometimes painted as privileged, technology-obsessed individuals who avoid face-to-face interaction, Millennial workers actually have many basic needs in common with their more experienced colleagues, including recognition, constructive feedback and a healthy relationship with one's boss. That said, there are some real differences in the communication styles of different generations.

Web 2.0: The skills behind the buzzword

"Web 2.0" is a phrase that's been around for a few years, but it still has some uncertainty around it. Is it just marketing hype, or does it represent a substantial change in the way companies approach Web technology? More to the point, what does it mean for your career?

Keeping Time on Your Side

A common misconception about managing your time at work is that it's mostly a matter of cutting out the obvious. But what if you've already reduced your leisurely lunches to quick snacks, stopped responding to personal e-mails at work and dropped out of your fantasy football league, but you still go home most nights wondering where the time went?

Salary survey: Do you have the skills to earn more?

It's been a good year for IT workers. Computerworld's annual salary survey shows IT pay is on the upswing, and, equally encouraging, salaries are expected to continue to climb in 2008. The just-released Robert Half Technology 2008 Salary Guide indicates that the average base salary for all IT roles will rise 5.3 percent next year.

How to become an IT standout

Emulating today's IT innovators and leaders isn't just for those who have a deep-seated desire to shape companies and industries. It's also a rewarding strategy for anyone who wants to get more out of his career.

In demand: Firmware engineers

Firmware is software or a set of instructions programmed on a hardware device, providing the necessary instructions for how the device communicates with other computer hardware. Because almost every type of computer-connected hardware requires this specialized coding, the industries in which there are opportunities for firmware engineers run the gambit from the aerospace firms to cable companies and electronic game manufacturers.

The help desk helps start IT careers

Those looking to break into the IT industry -- whether they are recent college graduates or entry-level professionals, or are transitioning from another profession -- often have the same initial question: Where do I start?

To certify or not to certify?

New certifications continually emerge in the IT field. In fact, it sometimes appears that there is at least one for every available technology. As a result, many IT professionals wonder whether it's worthwhile to pursue a designation and, if so, which one could best aid their career advancement.

Making performance appraisals a positive process

Needless to say, not everyone looks forward to performance appraisals. Employees often worry about being criticized for not meeting expectations, and managers struggle to find the time to speak with staff - not to mention complete the paperwork.

Advice: Common Questions About Compiling a List of References

One of the last things many job seekers do prior to submitting a resume is tack on the perfunctory "References Available Upon Request" at the bottom of the document. Most don't give the statement a second thought and include it more out of habit than anything else. But the truth is that this short sentence plays a much greater part in your chances of landing the position you seek than you might realize. Many companies are diligent about checking references.