Stories by Todd Weiss

IBM acquires SOA vendor Webify Solutions

IBM has bought services-oriented architecture (SOA) vendor Webify Solutions and plans to make it a part of IBM's Software Group and WebSphere middleware product family. The move is designed to give IBM customers new options to more easily integrate existing specialized applications using SOA.

Trojan horse captured data on 2,300 Oregon taxpayers

The Oregon Department of Revenue has been contacting some 2,300 taxpayers this week to notify them that their names, addresses or Social Security numbers may have been stolen by a Trojan horse program downloaded accidentally by a former worker who was surfing pornographic sites while at work in January.

JBoss unveils Web 2.0 framework

At its third annual user conference, open-source middleware vendor JBoss Tuesday unveiled its first-ever Seam 1.0 application framework for Web 2.0 and announced the broadening of its vendor certification program to "software as a service" providers as it continues to build a support base for its enterprise open-source offerings.

OpenLogic offers prizes for enterprise support

Qualified key developers in a variety of open-source software projects are being invited to join software vendor OpenLogic's new "expert community" program that allows them to earn cash or prizes when they help OpenLogic enterprise customers solve their toughest software problems.

Red Hat revenues up 112 per cent in Q3

Linux vendor Red Hat announced its third-quarter financial results last week, listing revenues of $US22.4 million for the period ending November 30, an increase of 112 per cent from a year ago.

Torvalds releases latest Beta of Linux kernel

A new test version of a delayed upgrade to the Linux operating system's kernel was made available for downloading Wednesday by Linux creator Linus Torvalds, raising hopes that the technology could be close to being ready for release.

Linux standards released

The first version of the new Linux Development Platform Specification (LDPS) was released last week, clearing the way for the adoption of standards that will make participating Linux platforms work together seamlessly.

SCO confident of Unixware

When The Santa Cruz Operation announced three weeks ago that it was selling its Unix server software and professional services divisions to Linux provider Caldera Systems, many customers wondered what the move would mean to their own operations.

BroadVision targets Web

BroadVision last week announced an application that helps automate and personalise the creation of business-to-business marketplaces on the Internet.