Stories by John Kador

Jobless in Seattle

Two hundred seventy-three Seattle dot-com workers lost their jobs on Friday, Jan. 19, 2001. Paul Beard, manager of technical services for FizzyLab Corp., a now defunct developer of online search technology for media companies, was one of them. More than four months later, Beard, 39, is still unemployed.

Changing the Workforce Rules

There are rules, and there are rules that work. The first may be found in the employee handbook or posted on the company's intranet. These rules and company policies really have little or nothing to do with how we think about or behave at work. What really packs a wallop are the rules we don't even acknowledge as rules: the values about work we learned in kindergarten and elementary school.

New Economy Rules for Recruiting

A revolving door spins in a crowded office building at lunchtime. It's an apt metaphor for how managers feel about hiring and retaining employees in the Internet economy: The rate of turnover is out of control, employees are always one step ahead, and the way out gets rapidly confused with the way in, so that eventually you feel you are just along for the ride.