Stories by Gabe Takach

Signing on the Pixelled Line

Compared to its real-life counterparts, the virtual marketplace provides a fast and simple way of doing business. So why isn't everybody doing it? The answer, in a word, is uncertainty. The simple fact nobody knows for sure if on-line transactions will be enforceable leads many cutting-edge businesses to shy away from this otherwise attractive option. This is all about to change.

Legal Brief: Training Subsidies or Tax Cuts?

In this era where mega announcements of entries into Business-to-Business e-commerce occur on a daily basis, several truths remain: systems take time to build; systems can't be built, maintained or operated without skilled technicians; and the training itself takes time and is expensive.

CIO Legal Brief: How Patents Threaten E-business

Think your business has developed the perfect e-commerce technology? With the advent of the business method patent, you may be entitled to proprietary rights beyond anything you have imagined. On the other hand, you may have just become a victim of this new legal development. That's the position in which American bookseller LLC found itself. Last December, a Seattle court issued a preliminary injunction against Barnes and Noble ordering it to stop using its "Express Lane", which allowed customers to order books without re-entering financial information for each new online purchase. In its ongoing suit against, alleges that the Express Lane infringes on Amazon's patented "One-click Ordering" system and convinced the court that it would suffer "irreparable harm" if it did not have exclusive use of the "One-click" feature during the busy holiday season.

An Unexpected Tax Bite

If you bought software in Ontario after the spring of 1997, your purchase price may have just gone up by 8 percent. Recently tabled final regulations describe the circumstances in which sales-tax exemptions are available. And in some cases, transactions that were presumed to be tax-exempt are not, and taxes may now be applied retroactively. How did all of this come about?