Stories by Michael Rold

Gartner predictions: IT can still fuel growth

A new report released by research company Gartner Inc. outlines technology's chances for influencing business development in the new year and states that as long as companies plan with caution, IT investment will remain a viable option for business growth in 2002.

Business Layers enhances security software

Infrastructure software developer Business Layers Inc. Wednesday released security enhancements to its flagship product eProvision Day One, created to allow companies to better organize and allocate resources within their computer systems.

Study sees future in electronic-trading networks

A new report has concluded that the providers of Electronic Trading Networks (ETN) are most competitive over, and often share different opinions on, three areas of ETN services: speed of implementation; services provided, including overall service and integration management; and product applicability to small and medium-size enterprises.

Red Hat unveils embedded Linux suite

Red Hat Inc. announced Wednesday that it will soon unveil its Embedded Linux Developer Suite, which will be marketed toward developers who need a standardized open-source platform for faster creation, deployment and testing of target software components for embedded devices.