Stories by Philip Sim

Certification craze

Even in a market beset with a severe shortage of skills the IT professional who takes that extra course and gains that extra qualification gets the edge in the employment stakes. While ongoing learning might be vital to an individual, employers who cry out in fear ‘If you train them won't they leave?', may be mollified with having upskilled staff who repay the fees if they cut and run.
Philip Sim surveys the players

Cover story: Changing channels

Services and e-tail, more than ever before, have become the new channel buzzwords, and those that ignore them will surely be left behind. This feature analyses what has been a remarkable year for the Australian IT channel

Tongue In Cheek: Domain Dilemmas

Forget environmental concerns about our planet running out of fossil fuels and such nonsense. Mankind is quickly running into a much more pressing concern - a desperate shortage of words

Losing IT: The tale of how ISPs became SPs

The tradtional Internet service provider market is slowly changing shape to accommodate the influence of competition, and it appears that the once well-defined roles of vedor and reseller, ISP and distributor are becoming more and more blurred. Phillip Sim reccounts how this new direction in service providers has created a market encommpassing both the old and the new . . .

The Es Have it

Today, 'e' totally dominates the new economy. If a business doesn't have some sort of e-strategy, it's seen as nothing more than a dinosaur, wasting away until it will by eaten up by a more powerful e-business.

Telcos charge into integration

Systems integrators watch out. Here come the telcos!
In what could be a sign of things to come, up-and-com-ing network integrator FTA Solutions has been snapped up by Nomad Telecommunications.

Plugging into the right network

In this first ARN Channel Verdict special, Philip Sim investigates what resellers should look for in networking hardware vendors and, vis-a-vis, what the major vendors can offer resellers.

Express Data launches new Web site

Express Data is hoping that by providing online resources and services through its newly relaunched Web site (, resellers will treat the site as "their primary resource for doing business".

3Com and partners target school market

Aiming to plunder what it sees as a prosperous market for new networking equipment, 3Com last week launched the Education Industry Program (EIP) and began recruiting resellers as EIP Business Partners.

Tongue in Cheek: A portal to my heart

There's a reason why it seems like it was only yesterday when Web sites were the latest and greatest. It's because it was. But today, is today, and the Web site is passe