Stories by Christine Willard

When the Boss Is Half Your Age

That bright techie who arrived as an intern five years ago is now your new boss, leading the project you've worked on for the past year. What's wrong with this picture? And who are the Red Hot Chili Peppers, anyway?

High Wireless Act

Trying to convert Carnegie Mellon University's campus in Pittsburgh to wireless technology had information technology staffers climbing around buildings, measuring each room for radio coverage and checking what walls were made of and where the furniture sat.

Advice to the New: IT Manager

You got the promotion. Now you're the team leader, even if the team is just the other three techies you've been writing code with all along. Has everything changed? Or nothing? What's this going to mean, besides extra meetings and more paperwork? How do you make the best go of your new role as an information technology manager? To find out, Computerworld asked five veteran IT managers, each with more than 20 years' experience managing people (one swears he started at age 12) for some pointers on how to succeed on this new step in your career.

Overcoming Fears of New IT Neighbors

High-tech firms are the hot economic news of the millennium. But having a new headquarters move into your hometown isn't all good news. Overloading an aging infrastructure and increasing traffic congestion can raise local tempers. When Sun Microsystems Inc. decided to open an office in Burlington, Mass., in 1996, local residents went into high negotiation mode to make the pluses balance the minuses.