Stories by Winnie Lai

HP/COMPAQ: Most new Asian execs drawn from Compaq

When the combined Hewlett-Packard and Compaq Computer company debuts on May 7, Compaq employees will be in regional and local leadership positions of the new US$21 billion company throughout Asia-Pacific, with the exception of China and Japan.

HK government set to embrace Linux amid public pressure

Under public criticism for promoting an oligopoly in the local software market, the Hong Kong government has for the first time outlined its stance towards the use of open-source technology in the support of public service provision.

SAS rides CRM trend

Officials from SAS Institute said the company is well positioned to take advantage of the growing interests in CRM among an increasing number of IT departments.

Interview: Veritas stores up for growth

With the arrival of the new year, Veritas Software Corp. is facing much more intense competition from not
only its long-time rival, EMC Corp., but also from its hardware partners as they awaken to the profitability of the storage software market. During his visit to Hong Kong to host a kick-off meeting with his Asia-Pacific staff, Veritas Chairman, President and CEO, Gary Bloom sat down with Computerworld Hong Kong Senior Reporter Winnie Lai to outline the storage software developer's new year's resolutions and how he sees the company can differentiate from its competition.

BMC bets on open-systems business

While systems management software developer BMC Software Inc. has traditionally focused on the mainframe arena, revenue from products catering to open-system platforms such as Unix and Windows NT has been increasing substantially, according to company officials.

Asia Online plots new direction . . . again

Hong Kong-based regional Internet service provider Asia Online, last week announced a new strategic focus on managed network and security services, Web site and application hosting, and Internet connectivity for medium and large businesses. The company said it believes profit margins are larger in these segments.

Handspring plans Asian developer support

Officials from Handspring Inc. said during the Hong Kong launch of the company's latest offering, Visor Edge, that a broad range of applications and accessories for its PDAs (personal digital assistants) will be the key driver behind their market acceptance.

Hong Kong airport offers a wireless LAN

The Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AAHK) rules the airspace at the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok. Last week, the organization extended its control to the airwaves, too.

Computer emergency center opens in HK

The Hong Kong government last week launched the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) in a bid to coordinate computer security issues in this Special Administrative Region of China.

SGI looks to expand its market

Traditionally focused on customers involved in pure research and development and technical computing applications, Silicon Graphics Inc. (SGI) is now aiming to broaden its market share in the financial and biotech industries, according to an official from the company.

NSI Still Registering Chinese Domain Names

Following public criticism from Chinese authorities of its Chinese domain name registration service, a senior official at VeriSign Global Registry Services (GRS) subsidiary Network Solutions Inc. (NSI) has downplayed the possibility of any negative effect on its domain-name registration business in an interview with Computerworld Hong Kong. In addition, the executive said NSI would continue to register Chinese-language domain names.

China assigns registrar, says others are illegal

In an effort to further put forward the Chinese Internet Network Information Centre (CNNIC) as the de-facto Chinese domain name registrar for the country, the Chinese Government set new registration rules for the industry, the day before Network Solutions (NSI) officially accepted Chinese domain name registration worldwide.

Netease Site Leads China Web Sites: Survey Inc.-owned portal proved to be the most popular Web site for home Internet users in mainland China last month, according to a survey released by Internet Audience Measurement Asia (Iamasia) last week.

China PC Makers Make Great Leap

China-based PC manufacturers Legend Group Holdings Co. and Founder have reported doubled growth in the first half of 2000 over the same period last year, mainly at the expense of foreign competition, said an analyst at International Data Corp. (IDC) Asia-Pacific.