Stories by Olivier Rafal

Rumors surface that HP may acquire Bull

The French Web site Capital is reporting advanced talks between Hewlett-Packard and Bull, saying that HP may offer US$992 million to buy one of France's last big IT companies. That would be a premium of about 40 percent over Bull's average share price in July.

Ada inventor Jean Ichbiah dies

Jean Ichbiah, French inventor of the programming language Ada, died Jan. 26, aged 66. He had suffered from a brain cancer.

IBM VP: the "sole alternative to Oracle"

Olivier Rafal of Le Monde Informatique magazine spoke to Marc Dupaquier, vice president worldwide of IBM Corp. Software Group, Data Management Sales, about the company's announcement that it plans to acquire Informix Corp.

France Does Some DNS Spring Cleaning

Among the 70,000 registered domain names in France, more
than 20,000 result in errors when Web surfers try to reach them, rendering the
sites virtually inacessible.

Freedom of Expression or Right to Legal Action?

There have been no half-measures in the reaction of French Internet rights group IRIS to the vote that took place in the French National Assembly on March 23 approving an amendment proposal to the French freedom of communication law that the group calls "death of the Internet in France."