Stories by Milt Zall

Feds and the Campaign Trail

Many federal employees get involved in political activities during the campaign season, including the presidential, congressional and local elections. A few feds were even delegates in the recent national party conventions, and many employee organizations support the campaigns of candidates they consider "friendly."

Surfing Web sites for Fed Workers

Today's federal employees are faced with a daunting challenge: keeping up with the latest changes that affect their job, pay, family, health and future. This is further complicated, and also aided, by the increasing number of Web sites geared toward the federal worker. The question is: What's out there and where should you go?

Bureaucratus: The IRS Wants Its Due

Under a U.S. Internal Revenue Service collection program that got under way last month, certain individuals and businesses with unpaid tax bills may be subject to a continual 15 percent levy on money due them from the federal government.

Discipline Problems

A recent court case should lift the spirits of federal employees who have had disciplinary problems in the past. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit invalidated a Merit Systems Protection Board decision that had relied on an employee's prior disciplinary record as the basis for her firing. Here is what happened.

Bureaucratus: Bills 'Brake' Outsourcing

Those of you who are not enamored with the outsourcing of government jobs will be pleased to learn that legislation passed recently by the Senate will curb federal outsourcing.

Pilot Streamlines Benefits

Applying for and obtaining federal disability benefits can be a paper-intensive and time- consuming process. However, help may be on the way through a pilot project designed to streamline this process.