Stories by Len Rust

Virtualisation highly regarded in Asia/Pacific

Forty-eight per cent of CIOs and top IT executives in the Asia/Pacific region rated management of their virtual server environment as a critical or high IT priority, yet only 42 per cent thought their companies were doing an effective job in this important area, according to a recent study of virtualisation management conducted for CA.

Value propositions drive RFID adoption

The increase in available RFID technology and applications suggests that the market is moving beyond traditional closed-loop application environments. From historical applications (such as security/access control, animal ID, toll collection, and automobile immobilisation) to the hot-right-now asset management and open-loop supply chain applications, ABI Research believes the RFID market is incredibly diverse while offering strong growth potential.

Half measures

Growing revenues from new products and services, stronger balance sheets, acquisitions paying off, and positive outlooks for the rest of the year are the messages in the recent releases of the first-half results. Aussie vendors' half-year financial results appear to be on track to deliver full-year growth in sales, revenues, and profits.

Small companies step up pace on storage

The pace of consolidation and virtualisation in the Australian small and medium-sized business (SMB) market is progressing at a considerable rate, according to a new IDC report.

Skills shortages constrain ICT industry growth

Australian ICT industry growth is being constrained by skills shortages in key industry sectors, along with a downturn in telecommunications employment and research & development (R&D) spending, according to a report released recently by the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

Security a real concern to Aussie SMBs

Australian small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) believe security risks from mobile applications and social networking are key areas of concern, despite the majority having established security and storage systems and procedures in place. Moreover, a survey by Symantec revealed that SMBs continue to invest in security and storage solutions to prevent data loss and ensure regulatory compliance.

Aussies Worth Watching

This week Software Development, Blue Chip Consulting, Digisensory Technologies, Terra Firma, Cibis, and Sentry Networks are put under the spotlight

Process and value

During the past decade many organisations derived value from professional services firms by seeking their help in navigating large and frequent technology implementations, such as moving from mainframes to client/server, Y2K, compliance, ERP, or implementing Web-based technologies.

Commercial convergence coming to you

Telcos are now rolling out converged services on fixed and mobile networks, converting trials to commercial deployments. This year will see another spate of trials, as femtocell technology begins to become available.

Cable failures no conspiracy

Four separate reported and confirmed failures of undersea cables serving the Middle East and North Africa over the last couple of weeks have inspired conspiracy theories as to what caused this rare coincidence. Whether any have validity, the fact is that undersea cable networks -- despite multiple layers of built-in reliability -- are highly vulnerable to deliberate attacks. As the economic importance of undersea systems grows, risks from sabotage must be considered.

Obstacles ahead for the online ads

In 2008, online advertising will be challenged, the living room will increase its contribution to the carbon footprint, and Internet TV will drive the growth for traditional TV viewing, according to Deloitte's technology, media, and telecommunications industry (TMT) leader Damien Tampling.

Aussies worth watching

The spotlight falls on Fairport, Satsuma, Tru Life Anatomy, Interactive Freight Services, Pacific Teleports, PocketPhrase