Stories by Ronna Abramson

New Google CEO means business

One thing about Eric Schmidt's new position at the helm of the popular search-engine service Google Inc. strikes him as funny: He got the job because of his business acumen - not his technical expertise.

Shutterfly to lay off 25 percent of staff

Grappling with the slow-to-develop Web photo-processing market, Shutterfly Inc. announced a restructuring plan Wednesday that includes a layoff of 30 employees, a CEO search and at least US$10 million in additional venture funding.

Excite@Home CEO to Resign

Excite@Home (ATHM) announced Tuesday that CEO George Bell will resign but remain full-time chairman of the broadband company's board of directors at least until the end of 2001.

Attention Passengers: Orbitz is Delayed

Orbitz, the Web site that plans to deliver discount fares from virtually every major American airline, announced Friday that it is postponing its official launch for a second time.

AmEx -- Don't Surf the Web Without It

American Express Co. (AXP) unveiled a new e-commerce security product Thursday that enables shoppers to buy goods online with a disposable credit card number that can be used for only one transaction.

Sabre to Get GetThere, Lay Off 1,200

In two separate announcements today, Sabre Inc. Holdings said it has agreed to buy the Internet business travel services company GetThere for US$757 million in cash while planning to slash 1,200 jobs.

Watching the Democrats: Day 4

Minutes after the balloons dropped at the finale of the Democratic Convention Thursday, it was obvious that U.S. Vice President Al Gore's speech garnered mixed reviews from the general public. A viewer watching the event on TV may not have known that. But anyone who logged on to could easily come to that conclusion by observing an intelligent postmortem discussion led by senior correspondent and former managing editor Robert G. Kaiser.

Watching the Democrats: Day 3

As news spread of 2,500 demonstrators protesting police brutality around Staples Center at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday, I headed outside, virtually that is, for live coverage of the demonstrations.

Watching the Democrats: Day 1

Watching the first day of the Democratic National Convention on the Web proved to be a game of camera control and picture play.

Watching the Conventions: The Final Hour

On the final day of the Republican convention, George Dubya Bush finally delivered something worthy of media coverage. If anything during the 12 hours of prime-time speeches and musical performances warranted a test of public sentiment, it was Bush's 51-minute monologue. So I decided to watch a live video stream of the Texas governor from two Web sites that also offered simultaneously viewer and delegate polls. If nothing else, it would beat talking back to the TV, I thought.

Online Privacy 101

The nonprofit advocacy group that has stamped its privacy seal of approval on nearly 2,000 Web sites will team up with a dozen major Internet companies to launch a consumer education campaign.

Excite, FleetBoston Enter Crowded Field

Two more heavyweights are jumping into the crowded ring of companies fighting to help small businesses build cyber-storefronts. But for them, it may be a case of too little, too late.