Stories by Christina Wood

Register Your Software--or Else!

Still contemplating an upgrade to Office 2000? Here's something to think about: You won't be able to disregard the annoying digital suggestion to register the product. Beginning this spring, Microsoft Corp. added the Registration Wizard to copies of Office 2000 sold in the United States and Canada. And this wizard has clout. If you ignore it, your software will quit working after the 50th use.

Web's Car Wars

Attention, drivers: The online battle for your business has just begun.

Consumer Watch

I've been told I'm a Web addict. I've even been called a geek. But I was still taken aback when my Internet service provider recently suggested that the amount of time I spend online just isn't normal. That's right--a representative of my ISP e-mailed me to express concern about my heavy use of the service, saying, "We are reviewing accounts with extraordinarily high usage levels to insure that they comply with [our] terms of service."