Stories by David Haskin

Roaming worries: Managing mobile device misuse

IT managers who provide mobile devices to their end users can be like parents who let their teenagers take their cars at night. You start to wonder what they're up to moments after they leave.

The shifting future of wireless voice

The technology is in its early stages, there's no proven business model and there's strong disagreement about how the trend will play out. But most experts agree that voice over IP (VOIP) will eventually combine with new types of wireless broadband to change how businesses and consumers acquire and use mobile and fixed voice services.

Solving the compliance vs. mobile dilemma

It's like an irresistible force about to crash head-on into an immovable object. On one side is a growing army of mobile employees, many of whom carry sensitive information with them when they leave the office. On the other side are federal regulations protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of that sensitive data.

LG's Chocolate is sexy but clumsy

Market studies show that most people in the U.S. are cellular subscribers, which means that sales of phones and service inevitably will slow. By contrast, MP3 players and downloadable digital music are hot with no end in sight. So it makes sense to combine these devices and services, right?