Stories by Peter Keen

Myth versus reality

Your company is investing heavily in customer relationship management (CRM) tools, but is it customer-centric?

E-CRM: the new ERP

Customer relationship management for the online business era - or eCRM - is the next significant multiyear IT initiative. It's a mix of data mining, call centre management, customer profiling software, sales force automation, "clickstream" analysis, marketing process automation, Web site personalisation, e-mail auto response, segmentation algorithms and other exotic software species. It's by far the biggest and most complex venture in the history of IT, even bigger than ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Guest column: E-commerce: Chapter 2

In the first chapter of the e-commerce storybook, the technology largely drove business models. Now the business models are driving technology. Post-2000, this will transform the part of IT organisations that has been least affected by the internet -- business application development.