Stories by Paul Lamb

Can the Internet have a heart?

What if there were a way for you to directly help the neediest families in your community and the world -- or for help to find you, after a fire, flood or some personal tragedy -- without the involvement of a government agency, nonprofit organization or church? What if assistance could flow seamlessly, based on information routinely collected and resources instantly deployed online?

One BlackBerry Per Child

The folks at One Laptop Per Child deserve a lot of credit for raising global awareness around the global digital divide. Their stylish green laptop, along with the accompanying goal of putting 21st century technology in the hands of children in developing countries, has captured the imagination of people, companies and governments worldwide.

The Age of Disruption

We are living in a time when, more than ever before, technology and its impact on society are increasingly disruptive. Never before have we had so much technology-driven change happen so rapidly, with the effect being felt right away instead of over generations or centuries.