Stories by Glenn McDonald

Half-There Solutions to Internet Dial-Up Dilemmas

If you have a single phone line and a dial-up Internet connection, you can't use your phone while you're online -- and that's that. It's like being told you can't use your fridge while your TV is on.

Internet Call-Waiting Service Ramps Up

It's an irritant specific to Internet technology circa 1999: Dial-up users with only one phone line are forced to miss incoming calls while surfing the Web.

A new technology developed by Canadian startup InfoInteractive promises to alleviate the problem -- to a degree. Internet Call Manager provides dial-up users with on-screen notification of incoming telephone calls, and gives them the option of disconnecting from the Internet to take the call.

Wireless web tablets due this year

We've heard plenty of hype in the last year about the emerging species "Internet appliance," a group of low-cost electronic devices that bypass the PC altogether and offer direct Internet access. But the talk is vague, leaving us to wonder just what such an appliance will look like. An interactive toaster oven? A multimedia fridge?