Stories by Ben Ames

Laptop vendors seek better battery standard

A group of laptop vendors and battery manufacturers plans to announce a standard for making safer lithium ion batteries by June 15, 2007, in an attempt to recover from a massive series of battery recalls in recent months.

IBM cools chips with thin paste

IBM researchers have found a way to draw twice as much heat off hard-working computer chips, clearing the way for server farms and data centers to use denser, faster processors. denies music piracy charges

An executive of the Russian song-downloading Web site insists his site is legal, despite admitting it has never paid royalties from sales directly to artists.

Intel to launch quad-core chips on Nov. 13

In a race with rival Advanced Micro Devices, Intel will bring its quad-core chips to market in a new line of Hewlett-Packard workstations due to be introduced on Nov. 13.

AMD offers US$1.7m to hire ATI chief

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is moving fast to complete a planned acquisition of ATI Technologies, offering US$1.7 million in salary and bonuses to hire the graphics card vendor's chief executive officer, David Orton.

ClearCube cuts prices on PC blades

ClearCube Technology Inc. slashed prices on its PC blades Monday, setting the company up to compete with standard desktop and tower vendors like Dell Inc. and Hewlett-Packard Co.

IBM improves efficiency of PowerPC chips

IBM has improved the power efficiency of two models of PowerPC processors, making an effort to strengthen its position in markets from cars and printers to networking and communications equipment.

Klir software shares IT management advice

Inspired by the communal wisdom generated on sites like, Klir Technologies launched an IT management product Monday intended for system administrators at small and medium businesses.

Hurd to share HP board leak investigation

In one of his first public acts to address the burgeoning HP spy scandal, CEO, Mark Hurd, plans to brief reporters about the findings of an analysis conducted by the company's law firm.