Stories by Ben Ames

Palm starts selling low-end Treo

Palm began taking orders for its Treo 680 smartphone on Wednesday, hoping to expand from its core business customers to a larger market of casual, first-time users.

Dell beats estimates with AMD chip sales

Dell Tuesday pointed to its adoption of processors from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) for pushing it to US$677 million in profit for the third quarter, though the company has delayed reporting final numbers due to an accounting investigation by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Marvell targets smartphones with efficient XScale chip

Marvell Technology Group plans to launch a new version of its "Monahans" processor by December to compete better against Texas Instruments and Freescale Semiconductor in the market for chips in 3G (third-generation) cell phones and smartphones.

Motorola seeks growth, buys Good company

Motorola announced on Friday it would acquire Good Technology, the software firm that provides the mobile e-mail application on Motorola's Q smartphone and on many competing devices.

Intel drafts privacy license for mobile device software

Intel has attached a privacy license to its new location-aware software product, intended to protect cell phone users' personal information as mobile devices increasingly rely on tracking technology to provide targeted services.

Dell expands embrace of AMD chips

Dell plans to launch a desktop for its business customers today that is powered by an Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) processor, marking another step in AMD's effort to diversify its gains in the server market.

Nvidia buys PortalPlayer to reach new business sectors

Nvidia wants to expand from its core success in selling graphics cards for desktop PCs, so the company announced Monday it will buy PortalPlayer, which makes semiconductors and software for digital music players and other devices.