Stories by Ben Ames

Gartner slashes semiconductor forecast

Falling prices for DRAM chips and microprocessors badly hurt the global semiconductor market, which will likely limp to a sales increase of just 2.5 per cent in 2007, according to a report released by analyst Gartner.

NEC workers faked orders, took kickbacks

A group of 10 employees at NEC ran up $US18 million in fraudulent costs over seven years, the company announced Tuesday, about a year after reporting a similar incident in 2006.

OLPC seeks educational games for XO laptop

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) Project is asking software coders to develop free, open-source educational computer games for the XO laptop, continuing its push toward a September launch date.

Motorola hopes to cut losses with Razr2

Motorola announced the Razr2 mobile phone and five other mobile devices on Tuesday with hopes the products will turn around the company's slumping sales and defend its turf from Apple's iPhone.

Sun files new DRAM suit against Hynix

Sun Microsystems has fulfilled its promise to file a new version of its antitrust lawsuit against Hynix Semiconductor, accusing the South Korean company of inflating prices for the DRAM (dynamic random access memory) chips used in Sun's servers and storage systems.

Dell hopes to earn good will with Linux PC

Dell may have won applause from customers Tuesday by announcing it will sell commercial PCs running the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, but if the experience of competitors is a guide, it faces challenges translating the move into financial success.

XO laptop is fun for child's play

The hardest thing about learning to use the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project's XO notebook PC is finding the right way to twist its antenna ears and open the display. Once you can see the screen, just follow the icons to write a note, snap a photo or compose a tune.

IBM to bring together mainframes and game chips

IBM has a plan to stop the computing delays familiar to users of virtual worlds and online games, simply by adding its Cell gaming chips to its mainframe servers, the company said Thursday.