Stories by Ben Ames

Intel unveils Itanium 2 server chip

Intel launched its "Montecito" dual-core Itanium chip on Tuesday, in an effort to improve its third-place position in the high-end server market.

Intel to cut jobs throughout 2006

Intel will continue its corporate reorganization through the end of 2006, stretching beyond the 90-day window promised by Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini.

Server vendors stay optimistic on Itanium 2 sales

Defying sceptical analysts, server vendors including Silicon Graphics (SGI) and Fujitsu Siemens Computers plan to win new customers by selling machines based on Intel's "Montecito" dual-core Itanium 2 chip, due to launch Tuesday.

Intel to cut 1,000 management jobs

Intel executives told employees on Thursday they would cut 1,000 management jobs in an effort to rebound from poor profits in recent quarters, the company said.

Vonage sued in patent infringement

The technology used by Vonage Holdings to deliver voicemail service to its 1.6 million VOIP (voice over Internet Protocol) telephony customers infringes another company's patent, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

IBM runs frozen chip at 500GHz

IBM researchers have pushed a silicon-based microprocessor to speeds of 500GHz, more than 250 times faster than a typical commercial chip in a cell phone.

FedEx seeks innovation in IT overhaul

From the outside, FedEx looks like a simple shipping company, relying on its orange and purple-painted airplanes to deliver 6 million packages around the world every day.

AMD opens up with four-core processors

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) will ship four-core processors for servers, workstations and high-end desktops by mid-2007, company Chief Technology Officer Phil Hester said Thursday.

Google knocks Microsoft off Dell PCs

When consumers boot up their new Dell desktops and notebooks next week, they will find a Google homepage and search tools, not the familiar Microsoft versions, the world's largest PC vendor confirmed.