Stories by Ben Ames

House panel widens HP probe

A US government panel has asked a corporate ethics lawyer from HP to testify in its September 28 hearing on the company's use of pretexting to spy on journalists, board members and other employees.

Pokerbot: It knows when to hold them

A poker-playing robot may help find the answers to some of the most intractable challenges in the business world, such as optimizing e-commerce and auction applications.

Gartner: PC revenue to decline in 2006

Even as PC sales continue double-digit growth, industry revenue is likely to decline 2.5 per cent to $US198.5 billion in 2006, according to a forecast released by Gartner. Worldwide PC shipments are scheduled to rise 10.5 per cent over last year, reaching 233.7 million units.

Intel sells optical networking business to Cortina

A week after announcing 10,500 layoffs in a complete corporate reorganization, Intel Corp. has continued to trim the company, selling off another division. Intel sold its optical networking components division on Friday to Cortina Systems Inc., a maker of communications chips for telecommunications carriers.

HP desktops will use vPro business bundle

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is using streamlined IT management as a sales pitch for its latest line of PCs, including the first desktops to use Intel's vPro technology bundle.

Intel announces layoffs, reorganisation

Continuing his quest to stop a slide in profits, Intel Chief Executive Paul Otellini announced layoffs of about 7500 more people Tuesday. Together with previously announced layoffs of middle-management executives and the sale of two business units in recent months, the actions will reduce Intel's workforce by a total of 10,500 people by 2008 -- about 10 percent of the entire company.

Intel to launch vPro desktop bundle Sept. 7

Intel is set to announce next week that Hewlett-Packard and other vendors are ready to ship the chip company's vPro technology bundle in business desktops, according to sources.

Intel to launch Tulsa server chip Aug. 29

Intel will unveil its "Tulsa" chip for multiprocessor servers August 29, finally talking publicly about a chip it has been shipping to vendors for several weeks now.