Stories by Dan Mitchell

Profit or Perish

It was as if a lenient parent suddenly started making the kids go to bed without their supper.

Going Out on a High Note

Traders ended the week still uncertain about the potential fallout of Monday's AOL Time Warner merger announcement. Even as markets gained big Friday, companies involved in the deal - or bandied about as the likeliest to benefit - saw their stocks decline.

Great Expectations

The volatility continues. Traders decided to ignore Yahoo's continuing slide Thursday, and Net stocks headed back up after two days of losses.

Whispers and Sighs

Not much makes sense in the world of Internet stocks, so the "whisper number" phenomenon shouldn't come as much of a surprise. That's the unofficial figure passed around by stock analysts which represents their actual estimate of corporate earnings.

Pressure Drop

Interest-rate worries took the bond market down Tuesday and stock traders took profits from Monday's run-up, sending most equities lower.

You Can't Keep a Good Market Down

It's hard to sustain a correction when vast amounts of money keep flowing into the market, but traders tried their best for most of this week.

How Low Can Nasdaq Go?

Traders continued to suck the froth off the top of the Internet sector Thursday, reinforcing the idea that the party might be over for money-losing dot-coms.

No Easy Way Down for Nasdaq

As the markets slid Tuesday, everybody was talking "correction." On Wednesday, as the Dow recovered and the Nasdaq genuflected, everybody was talking "reallocation." In other words, investors aren't giving up on equities just yet, but they are looking for safer plays until the markets sort themselves out.

Doing the Sell-Off Shuffle

Why would there be such a huge sell-off on the day that President Clinton nominated Alan Greenspan to a fourth term as Fed chairman?