Stories by Julie Bort

Tech start-ups that should matter

In 2007,we designated more than 90 start-ups as worth watching. After a second look, we picked these 10 as offering what matters most in the enterprise -- agility, seamless integration and pervasive connectivity.

IPv6 Will matter to the enterprise in five years

Welcome to Network World Chats. Our guest today is Jeff Doyle, celebrity author, Cisco Subnet blogger and networking guru. He has come prepared to answer your questions on all things routing.

Crazy SOA costs grow sane over time

A year ago, people were gasping at the price tags associated with large-scale service-oriented-architecture projects. Initial projects that cost US$50,000 per stage could run up a big total tab fast as companies invested in training, developers' time to code and new technology.

Attack of the killer bots

If malware were insects, botnets would be termites -- they burrow in behind the walls of your security perimeter, lie dormant for a period of time, then attack.

Virtualization helps school with storage woes

When it comes to flexible enterprise storage, the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine doesn't horse around. Over the last six months, the college has been putting its 7TB storage area network through its paces, using it for nearline backup and primary storage, and has this insight to share: Storage virtualization is the cat's meow.

The utility computing payoff

While others talk about how utility computing and a services orientation could affect IT delivery, Wachovia Bank is a living demonstration. The financial services giant, which controls assets of about US$541 billion, wins membership to the 2006 Enterprise All-Star Award list for its application virtualization project.

Advanced managed services: Utility computing for pros

Smart use of contract help is central to the New Data Center plan. Call it outsourcing. Call it managed services. Call it out-tasking. But network executives will call on it in some form to help them manage the complexities of their advanced New Data Center infrastructures.

Data centre - help is at hand

Smart use of the best help is central to a data centre plan. Call it outsourcing. Call it managed services. Call it out-tasking, but network executives will call on it in some form to help manage the complexities of advanced data centre infrastructures.

Your salary: On the rise

Times, they are a-changin' for network professionals. Pay, which has always been good, is rising -- though perhaps not fast enough for the IT workforce's taste. But the trade-off for those cushy paychecks -- brutal hours and inflexible schedules -- has also begun to fade, according to Network World's 2006 Salary Survey of 1,841 US respondents conducted with researchers King Brown Partners.

RFID automation

RFID use is growing along with the analytics that makes sense of all the data. But there are still questions about the cost of tags with some users keeping them for high-ticket items only.

The human touch

Before the technology-intensive work began on a new project, the people-intensive focus set the scene for success. By Julie Bort

Profitable PKI's

An Internet company making a profit? And a sizable one at that? You bet, if you 're talking about RSA Security Inc., the result of the merger of Security Dynamics and RSA Data Security.

NW100: Put your money where your modem is

Electronic commerce is fast becoming a make-it-or-break-it economy, and network vendors are in the lead. Never has a sales strategy been such a money saver, while boosting customer satisfaction and corporate revenue.