Stories by Bruce Fraser

Dye-Subs Aren't Dead Yet

With digital cameras becoming ubiquitous and more capable, the need for photo-quality printers has never been more pressing. Although dye-sublimation technology once reigned supreme, today's photo-quality ink-jet printers offer equal or better quality, with a much wider choice of paper stocks. We rounded up ten of the latest and greatest photo printers -- seven ink-jets and three dye-subs -- and put them to the Macworld Lab torture test. The two clear winners, the Epson America Inc. Stylus Photo 1270 and the Hewlett-Packard Co. DeskJet 932C, are both ink-jet printers, but one of the dye-subs -- the Panasonic Corp. PV-PD2100 -- deserves an honorable mention.

Flawed Software Mars Epson, Umax Offerings

Veterans of SCSI nightmares will be amazed and delighted to discover how easy it is to connect a FireWire scanner to a current Mac. No need to set IDs, no worrying about termination-and you don't even have to shut down your computer to connect and disconnect them.

Canon, Umax Offer Simple, Speedy Scanning

How much difference is there between a $129 scanner and a $179 one? Does the extra $50 actually get you anything? When the scanners in question are the $129 CanoScan FB 630Ui, from Canon Inc., and the $179 Astra MX3, from Umax Technologies Inc., the answer is yes.