Stories by Elizabeth de Bony

EU Gives Final OK to U.S. Safe Harbor Privacy Plan

BRUSSELS (07/27/2000) - The European Commission announced Thursday it will
recognize the U.S. so-called "safe harbor" principles as representing adequate
protection under the European Union's data privacy directive. Similar decisions
were also announced for data privacy regimes in Switzerland and Hungary, the
Commission said in a statement.

EU Says US Foreign Ownership Limits Violate WTO

BRUSSELS (07/26/2000) - Proposed U.S. legislation that would prohibit certain
foreign telecommunications companies from acquiring U.S. businesses is illegal
under international trade rules, the European Commission said Wednesday.

EC Downplays Risk of Telecom Conflict with U.S.

The European Commission downplayed Monday its concerns over draft U.S. legislation that would prohibit the takeover of U.S. firms by any foreign company in which the foreign government owned more than 25 per cent of the shares.

Proposed EU telecom framework unveiled

Plans for a light regulatory framework for the European Union telecommunications sector were unveiled by the European Commission yesterday, with the aim of increasing competition, improving services and reducing prices.

EC Plans to Submit Local Loop Plan

BRUSSELS (07/11/2000) - The European Commission Wednesday will unveil its
proposals for eight new pieces of legislation that represent a dramatic
revision of the regulatory framework for telecommunications across the European
Union, an EU official who asked not to be identified said Tuesday.

Microsoft Gives Up Joint Control over Telewest

BRUSSELS (07/07/2000) - Microsoft Corp. has withdrawn its request with the
European Union for authorization of its planned investment in U.K. cable
operator Telewest Communications PLC, the European Commission announced Friday.

Euro Parliament Rejects U.S. Data Privacy Adequacy

The European Parliament rejected the current system of U.S. data privacy protection Wednesday, contending that it does not represent the adequate level of protection required by European legislation, because the system of "safe harbor" principles is not yet in place in the U.S.

EU Creation Moves Ahead

BRUSSELS (07/05/2000) - The European Commission revealed Wednesday that it will
rapidly move to register its ".eu" address as a top level domain name.

Microsoft Tries Again to Get EU OK on Telewest

BRUSSELS (07/05/2000) - Microsoft Corp. will submit new proposed concessions to
the European Commission Wednesday in the hope of overriding the Commission's
concerns about the company's planned purchase of a 29.9 percent stake in
Telewest Communications PLC, a U.K. cable operator, according to a company

EU May Take Spain to Court Over Golden Shares

The European Commission is expected Wednesday to take Spain to the Court of Justice over national rules which effectively block foreign companies from taking control of privatized companies by way of so-called "golden shares."

EU Targets UK, German Telecom Delays

The European Commission has opened infringement
proceedings against Germany and the U.K. for failing to implement a key
telecommunications liberalization directive introducing carrier pre-selection
across the European Union, the Commission announced in a statement Thursday.

EU to Promote Safe Use of Internet

Hoping to promote the safe use of the Internet, the
European Commission Thursday announced financing for 10 new projects in the

EU Looking into Credit Card Practices

It will take the European Commission until the end of
this year to complete an ongoing investigation into possible antitrust
violations by the credit card industry, a Commission spokesman confirmed

Europe Reaction to Remedy Plan Guarded

European reaction to the breakup order issued yesterday
in the U.S. government's antitrust case against Microsoft Corp. is generally
positive, albeit fairly subdued, as European Union officials pursue their own
inquiries into the company's business, and industry insiders scramble to absorb
the details of the ruling.