Stories by Stephanie Sanborn

Novell Synchs Up With Aquarium

Besides presenting its "one Net" company vision here at BrainShare 2000, Novell Inc. is also demonstrating file-synchronization technology code-named Aquarium and mapping out the futures of NDS and eDirectory.

Novell's Partners, Products Focus on Integration

Novell this week will unveil its "one Net" marketing message and demonstrate several new technologies at its BrainShare conference in Salt Lake City, hoping to finally put to rest complaints about marketing shortcomings that have plagued Novell in past years.

Directory Redux

Directories have evolved from mere keepers of company passwords into all-encompassing infrastructure component, and they are being pushed slowly into the spotlight as their roles become more crucial to success on the Web.

Novell, Passlogix Join Forces on Technology

Novell and Passlogix Wednesday teamed up to announce plans to integrate Passlogix v-GO single sign-on technology with future Novell Net services products, such as ZENworks network management and iChain e-business products and services.

Fireclick Sparks Faster Web Site Performance

Start-up Fireclick is joining the e-commerce vendor race this week, aiming to improve Web site performance with predictive caching, a technology that may become a strong complement to both traditional caching appliances and content delivery.

Inktomi Goes Wireless with Help from Partners

Inktomi Corp. yesterday shed its wired constraints, acquiring a stake in AirFlash, a mobile content and commerce ASP (application service provider), to deliver wireless and mobile solutions through portals and infrastructure software.

Novell Ships NDS for Windows 2000

Novell Inc. released this week NDS eDirectory for Windows 2000, approximately two weeks after the Microsoft platform made its debut.

Companies join forces for wireless access

Users of handheld Palm devices soon will have access to applications through a joint offering proposed on Tuesday by Sun Microsystems, the Sun-Netscape Alliance, and Palm Computing.

Microsoft Adds to Exchange Lineup

Microsoft Corp. yesterday added another server to the Exchange 2000 product line, introducing the Exchange 2000 Conferencing Server to specifically handle online conferences.

Sun-Netscape Alliance Introduces Portal Platform

The Sun-Netscape Alliance on Tuesday unveiled its iPlanet Portal Server, an e-commerce-focused portal creation and deployment platform that comes in three forms which are designed to address the needs of enterprise businesses and service providers.

Marimba Bangs the Drum for Timbale

TARGETING business-to-business commerce, Web commerce, and thin-client environments, Marimba Inc. this week unveiled its Timbale line to manage server content replication and distribution.

Critical Path Goes Flexible

MESSAGING OUTSOURCER Critical Path Inc. will introduce next week a new strategy -- termed Allsourcing -- that offers users three outsourcing options, depending on how much control they want to maintain over the infrastructure. The initiative uses technologies gained by Critical Path in recent acquisitions.

Novell to Make Internet Push

Novell Inc. this week will reveal its "Net services" strategy, which comprises several business-to-business and I-commerce products.