Stories by Stephanie Sanborn

Considering continuity

Planning for business continuity means weighing risk: what systems can your business not live without? How can you get access to that data or computing power should something happen? And, perhaps most importantly, how much do you want to spend to have a backup plan - a plan which you, hopefully, might never need?

Rx for online growth

The pharmaceutical industry may not yet be leaping into the Web world with unabashed excitement, but some companies are slowly becoming more comfortable with embracing new technologies.

Reverse auctions make a bid for business

Reverse auctions may seem a consumer-centered technology, but savvy businesses are discovering that by allowing buyers, contractors, and service providers to bid prices down, they save more than just money.

3-D simulation: Coming soon to a Net near you

Virtual reality video games may have snagged most of the 3-D and simulation spotlight, but a steadily growing interest in using the graphics technologies for business has many companies looking to loosen the entertainment world's hold on the best simulation technology.

Problem Solving for Technical Innovation

For Tim Howes, problem-solving has always been the catalyst for technical innovation -- from the time he and a small group of Unix upstarts at the University of Michigan needed a better way to access the campus directory to tackling today's blurring of the line between business and technology decisions.

Armchair Quarterbacks Go Wireless at 3Com Park

It may just be the best of both worlds: the excitement and electricity of attending a football game with thousands of other rabid fans, coupled with the convenience of instant replays and updated scores from around the league.

CacheFlow Eases Web Servers' Burden

CacheFlow Inc. on Monday will take the wraps off its CacheFlow Server Accelerator, the first in a new product family aimed at improving site performance by handling content delivery instead of burdening Web servers with the delivery process.

Novell Sets Sights on ASPs

Provo, Utah-based Novell bolstered its move toward the ASP (application service provider) market on Tuesday with the release of Novell OnDemand Services, software that lets companies host content or services and charge for access.

P-to-P technology avoids Napster stigma

Peer-to-peer (P-to-P) technology, the type of system that Napster uses, is moving into the e-business and business-to-business world, trying to shake the stigma associated with the Napster copyright controversy.
Because P-to-P links multiple data sites into one network and can search all those sources, no matter where they may be located, customers can quickly find exactly what they're looking for, thus eliminating some of the frustration involved in tracking down the content or products they need.

Novell lays out road map

Novell is setting out to quell any remaining rumors surrounding NetWare's future by plotting a course that will position it as more of a foundation platform and building block of Novell's overall strategy.

Critical Path Acquires Peerlogic

Messaging outsourcer Critical Path Inc. has once again pulled out the wallet to add some punch to its hosted directory services offerings, acquiring San Francisco.-based e-business directory and infrastructure software vendor PeerLogic Inc. on Tuesday in an all-stock deal.

Netscape Browser Beta Unveiled

Netscape Communications posted its Netscape 6 Preview Release 2 (PR2) as a free download on Tuesday, adding more customization, security, and mail features as well as tweaking some of the smaller aspects of the browser to streamline performance and appearance in the beta release.

IBM, Akamai Expand Relationship

IBM Corp. and Akamai Technologies Inc. on Tuesday unveiled plans to incorporate Akamai's Akamaizer technology into IBM's WebSphere e-business platform in an effort to improve performance and speed of content distribution through WebSphere.