Stories by Matthew Broersma

BLACK HAT - New database attack revealed

Researchers at Core Security Technologies are to demonstrate an attack that could allow hackers to extract private information from databases -- without requiring any bugs in the database management software.

Intel plans mobile WiMax push next year

The WiMax hype machine may be getting ready to crank into life once again, with Intel planning a major campaign around mobile WiMax next year, connected to the launch of networks and hardware supporting the technology.

Torvalds rebukes desktop critics

Linus Torvalds, creator and maintainer of the Linux operating system kernel, has reacted angrily to suggestions that the kernel's development process is skewed in a way that prevents improvements on the desktop.

Skype found guilty of GPL violations

Skype has been found guilty of violating the GNU General Public License (GPL) by a Munich, Germany regional court, a decision likely to influence the way companies approach GPL compliance in the future.

Linspire agreement 'undermines GPL rights'

The no-lawsuit agreement reached in June between Linspire and Microsoft earlier this year is almost useless to Linspire customers because of tight restrictions on what the deal covers, according to a high-profile open source legal commentator.

Acer: PC industry 'disappointed' with Vista

Acer president Gianfranco Lanci became the first major PC manufacturer to openly attack Microsoft over the Windows Vista operating system in the Financial Times Deutschland on Monday.

Microsoft strikes GPLv3 from patent deal

Microsoft has revealed that its patent deal with Linspire doesn't cover the new version of the GNU General Public License (GPL), the company's latest effort to distance itself from the GPLv3.

Open-Xchange and Ubuntu woo small business

Open-Xchange has released an Outlook-compatible groupware server specifically designed for smaller businesses, and designed as a simple, open-source alternative to the likes of Microsoft Exchange.

Microsoft OOXML spec 'dangerously flawed'

Microsoft's Office Open XML (OOXML) document format specification is fatally flawed where it comes to spreadsheets, with many functions filled with careless errors, according to a critic.

Samba switches to GPLv3

Samba developers have definitively switched future versions of the software to the GPL v3 licence, which could have a serious impact on companies maintaining software patent covenants.

Sun finalizes Open Document Format translator

Sun has released the final version of its Open Document Format (ODF) plug-in for Microsoft Office, designed to allow the ODF standard to better compete with Microsoft's dominant Office formats.

Developer annoys open source faithful over code release

Open-source developer Parallels finally released the source code for the Wine software used by Parallels Desktop 3.0 on Monday -- but only after weeks of prodding by Wine developers and negative publicity on the IT forum Slashdot.

Shuttleworth denies Ubuntu-Microsoft deal

Canonical chief executive Mark Shuttleworth has made it clear that Ubuntu isn't interested in forming a deal with Microsoft along the lines of those recently reached by Linspire, Xandros and Novell.