Stories by Matthew Broersma

Medium-risk holes are biggest problem

Security-conscious U.K. companies are getting better at eliminating high-risk vulnerabilities from their networks, but are beginning to slack off where it comes to medium-risk security holes, according to NTA Monitor's sixth-annual security audit.

In-flight wireless war heats up

In-flight ISP Tenzing Communications Inc. is increasing the speed of its connections and adding wireless connectivity in an effort to fend off competition from The Boeing Co.'s high-profile rival service.

Netsky.V climbs through upstairs Windows

The latest variant of the hugely effective Netsky series of worms is causing trouble by spreading without the use of an attachment. Slipping past many email gateways, it can launch simply by being viewed in an email program.

Navini makes WiMax U-turn

Navini Networks, until recently one of the staunchest critics of the WiMax effort to create standardized wireless broadband, has made a sharp about-face and joined the WiMax Forum.

Latest Linux/Windows research reports queried

Large questions have appeared over the accuracy of two recent reports comparing the relative costs and benefits of the Linux and Windows operating systems in which Windows was painted as being superior to its open-source rival.

Vast free vulnerability listing goes live on Net

A collaborative project intended to give network managers a comprehensive, unbiased source of information on software vulnerabilities has gone live, delivering its entire library of flaws under an open-source licence.

Telcos' WiMax delays may lead to technology delays

WiMax may hold out the promise of cheap wireless broadband available anywhere, but it will face an uphill battle against increasingly popular proprietary alternatives before it can become widespread, according to a new study.