Stories by Matthew Broersma

Linux servers stats reveal fall in Red Hat dominance

Europe's Web hosting boom has given Linux distributions from Suse Linux, MandrakeSoft, the Gentoo Foundation and Debian a boost, giving the market leader Red Hat a run for its money, according to new statistics from Netcraft.

High-speed wireless begins its standardization journey

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) will begin sifting through a record number of proposals for a high-speed amendment to the 802.11 standard this week, but wireless chip makers are already jumping the gun with pre-standard products.

Mozilla and Opera suffer security scares

The Mozilla Foundation has issued patches for a flaw in its browsers that could allow an attacker to execute existing applications on a Windows XP machine. Researchers have also discovered a bug in Opera Software ASA's browser that could be exploited to make users falsely believe they are visiting a trusted website, such as a banking site.

Open source market share to double

Businesses and governments in Western Europe are buying more services around open-source software, and spending will more than double in the next four years as open source becomes mainstream, according to a new study from IDC.

Now HP says ditch Netscape

Internet Explorer isn't the only browser companies are being urged to drop due to ongoing security problems. Hewlett-Packard (HP) is now also recommending users erase America Online's (AOL) Netscape browser from their hard drives due to a hair-raising list of "potential" vulnerabilities allowing denials of service, information leaks, unauthorized access and remote malicious code execution.

Huge security breach makes IE a liability

Internet Explorer users are at risk from a new threat that uses a browser add-on to steal login information for nearly 50 banking sites, including Barclays and HSBC, security experts have warned.

Linux finds Irish banking champion

Linux has found another powerful champion in the form of Allied Irish Banks PLC (AIB) which has just signed a deal with Sun to switch its 7,500 branches' desktops from Windows to the Linux-based Java Desktop System (JDS). Sun Microsystems Inc. also announced that the government of New South Wales, Australia, will shift 1,500 users from Windows to its software.

Another big Apache hole found

Linux and Unix vendors are releasing fixes for a critical bug in the popular Web server Apache that could allow attackers to crash the system or execute malicious code.

Mac OS X security myth exposed

Windows is more secure than you think, and Mac OS X is worse than you ever imagined. That is according to statistics published for the first time this week by Danish security firm Secunia.

Linux vendors tackle security holes

Linux vendors have begun releasing fixes for two critical security bugs in a networking component that could allow a denial-of-service attack or enable an attacker to take control of a system.

Intel and Proxim get serious about WiMax

Intel and Proxim have signed to build next-generation WiMax wireless broadband products together. Unlike an earlier agreement between Intel and Alcatel, however, Proxim will supply some of the core technology itself to go with Intel's WiMax chipsets.

Kernel flaw makes Linux crash easy

A flaw in the Linux kernel allows a 20-line C program to crash most distributions using the 2.4 and 2.6 kernels running on x86 and x86-64 architectures, according to security researchers.

VoIP needs serious security review, say experts

Internet Protocol-based voice networks may be the wave of the future, but they will require a whole new approach to security, warned telecoms experts at the VON Europe voice-over IP (VoIP) conference in London on Tuesday.

CVS flaw has Linux vendors rushing out patches

Linux vendors have rushed to distribute patches for a critical flaw in CVS, a widely used program for collaborating on software development, that could allow a malicious user unauthorized access to development code.